Kashiv scientists maintain two key focus points. The first is developing and applying novel technologies to improve the delivery of compounds with otherwise problematic physical and/or chemical properties. The Kashiv portfolio of proprietary drug delivery technologies is designed to improve the efficacy, safety, compliance, and dosage of low-bioavailability drugs where absorption could be limited due to solubility, permeability, and/or stability problems.

The second area of focus is developing the next generation of improved, abuse-deterrent formulations (ADF) in the hopes of curbing prescription drug abuse. The comprehensive Kashiv ADF platforms target popularly abused drugs, such as opioids, and build in features to prevent common methods of abuse, misuse, and overdose of drugs.

Whatever their concentration, Kashiv researchers seek to understand market needs and develop innovative, clinically-differentiated medicines to improve health outcomes.


Kashiv has identified a number of well-known compounds for its pipeline in several therapeutic areas such as pain, CNS, cardiovascular, oncology, and women’s health. Each candidate exhibits significant potential for improvement through advanced development. These compounds have passed strict scrutiny for one or more of the following:

  • addresses an unmet market need
  • shows significant doctor intent to prescribe
  • provides improved patient benefit
  • offers value supported by managed care reimbursement

The pipeline products either address an unmet drug delivery need or a major safety issue.