Many compounds that otherwise exhibit good potency may still underperform in the market or may not advance through drug development due to low or variable bioavailability. The cause of low bioavailability is primarily attributed to poor aqueous solubility and/or low permeability.

Kashiv has developed a broad range of proprietary technologies to maximize the bioavailability of poorly soluble and/or permeable drugs. More specifically, Kashiv has expertise in the areas of melt extrusion, spray drying, controlled precipitation, self-emulsifying micro/nano delivery system and bottom-up nano-formulations with particle size as low  as 50nm to develop improved medicines with substantial medical utility.

The scientific expertise at Kashiv—gained at major, research-based pharma companies—provides solutions ranging from improving current formulations, troubleshooting bioavailability issues, manufacturing, and regulatory support for all phases of product development utilizing these complex dosage forms.

Key benefits associated with BIOMAXX technology show that it:

  • Enhances bioavailability
  • Reduces pill burden
  • Eliminates food effect
  • Reduces PK variability
BIOMAXX from Kashiv Pharma addresses bioavailability issues in pharmaceutical product development